Get Firefox, make it faster, and enjoy it!

Alright...I'll start by saying I was a die hard IE fan! There are many reasons that people switch to Firefox. I'll give you one that you'll actually notice (and it's the sole reason I switched in the end): It's FASTER. It's not that much faster (any?) by default, but with a few touches...POOF

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Here's where to get Firefox:

Firefox 2.0

Here's how to make Firefox FASTER!

  1. Performance Settings: See the link to the Fasterfox extension below, as it greatly simplifies things ("one click setup"). For reference' sake, here's a link to the old performance settings page.
  2. Mousewheel fix (note that this is a link to post #48 in a thread on

Make Firefox SAFER!

Tutorial on various aspects

  1. Introduction
  2. Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Advanced Configuration Options
  4. Performance Settings
  5. Extensions, Themes & Conclusions

Here are little extras:

Skin I use: Qute 3
Save the file, then in Firefox select Tools menu -> Themes, and drag the file you saved from your hard drive to the themes window.

Here is a list of all (or almost all?) of the options available in about:config Advanced users only

Extensions I use:

Finally, here's a list of random things I just really like about Firefox:

Created: 20 February 2005
Last Updated: 04 December 2006